This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about B6Zip.

General Questions

Q: What is B6Zip?

B6Zip is a file compression/decompression utility that can extract a variety of archive formats such as b6z, tar, zip, rar.

Q: Can I use B6Zip in a commercial setting?

Yes, B6Zip is free software, and can be used on any computer without registration, licensing, or pay.

Q: How can I set file associations to B6Zip?

Simply open the main B6Zip app and the settings dialog will appear. The first screen in the settings dialog will list choices of file type associations which can be individually checked off and selected.

Q: Who is B6Zip for?

B6Zip is for everyone who wants a fast and quality file compression utility. Business users and individuals may like the powerful file archiving options.

Those looking for extra privacy can look into our advanced file encryption. Unlike other archive formats, b6z encrypts both file contents as well as all meta data such as file names and dates.